Vent your Spleen?

By Matthew Fellows

It was thought in Medieval European medicine that the spleen was a seat of ‘ill-humour and melancholy’. Therefore to vent ones’ spleen was to release anger and negativity that were building up in the body. This is not entirely different to the Chinese medical version of the Spleen, although the emotion usually associated with it …

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Acupuncture: ‘So how does it work then?’

By Matthew Fellows

  Acupuncture: ‘So how does it work then?’   Well I could easily take up every page of this Oracle and I still wouldn’t have begun to answer this question properly, but in good Daoist tradition I shall give it a go. In short the answer is that it depends on who you ask. If …

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From the One comes the Two

By Matthew Fellows

“From the one comes two, Two produces three, From the three emerges the myriad things” Lao Tzu Dao De Jing   So continuing on from last months’ exploration into the world of Daoism, Chinese medicine and the separation Yin and Yang, we move from the ‘two’ to the ‘three’. To recap, the Great indescribable Oneness, …

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The Heart – The Emperor

By Matthew Fellows

Xin -The Emperor     Continuing on from last month’s introduction to the Zang Fu organ system, over the next few months I will begin to look a little deeper at the major organs, beginning as all things should, with the Heart. In Chinese Medicine, Xin, or the Heart is known as the Emperor and …

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Acupuncture and Pain

By Matthew Fellows

“Where there is free flow, there is no pain” Chinese proverb   Pain is something we all can agree on. It hurts. Although it is probably true to say that no two pains are ever alike. The Western definition of pain is usually described as something along the lines of ‘a highly unpleasant physical sensation …

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The Zang Fu and the Wu Xing

By Matthew Fellows

The Zang Fu and the Wu Xing   So, last month I tried to explain how acupuncture can treat pain, this month I will attempt to explain how it can treat everything else. In 500 words. Good luck with that I hear you say! The dictionary definition of health is ‘to be free of illness …

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In The Beginning Was the Word

By Matthew Fellows

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was….Dao                                                                                                                                                       As this is my first foray into the world of Chinese Medicine for the Oracle, I feel the best place to start is at the beginning, and the beginning in Daoism, from which Chinese medicine springs, is the separation of Yin and Yang. …

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The Liver

By Matthew Fellows

The Liver – The General   If you’ve ever come to see me for acupuncture the chances are that you have had a needle inserted in a small depression between the first and second toes. This point, known as Tai Chong or Great Rushing, is one of the most used of all acupuncture points, and …

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