What’s in a name?

By Matthew Fellows

What’s in a name?   “If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things.”  Analects of Confucius   Did you know that there are two Matthew Fellows in Glastonbury? An unremarkable fact but one that has caused a fair bit of confusion over the years, particularly as we randomly …

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New World Dis-Order

By Matthew Fellows

New World Dis-Order The winter solstice that just passed marked the peak of Yin energy within the Northern Hemisphere. It is at this point when Yin is at its most full, that Yang energy is born. From here onwards we start heading towards mid-summer, where Yang energy reaches its peak and this eternal cycle can …

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Scientific Questioning

By Matthew Fellows

Scientific Questioning   Have you ever had a psychic experience? Have you ever had a premonition of some kind? Have you ever had an experience that is beyond current scientific reasoning? If not, what would it take for you to accept such things are possible? According to various surveys and polls somewhere between 25% and …

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Everything Crash

By Matthew Fellows

“Everything Crash…Yeah!”   If like me you are slightly obsessed with 1970’s Jamaican reggae, then you will surely recognise this classic ‘Everything Crash’, by The Ethiopians. It’s a chirpy little song considering the gravity of the subject matter of economic collapse, poverty and civil unrest. In fact I think that’s what I like the most …

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My Loneliness is Killing me…

By Matthew Fellows

“My loneliness is killing me….”   These were the words of the great Daoist sage Britney Spears and it turns out she may not have been quite so off her rocker as we all thought! Research shows that loneliness and social isolation are harmful to our health. In fact a lack of social connections is …

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The Marvelous Fungus and the Secrets of the Divine Immortals

By Matthew Fellows

Hopefully I’ve caught your attention with such a fantastical sounding title, as quite frankly I’m sick of all the shit that is growing out this corona-virus situation. So I’ve decided to write about something else, something that often grows directly out of shit itself….mushrooms. There are over 50,000 known different species of mushroom, including moulds …

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Acupuncture is really Nice. (Really!)

By Matthew Fellows

Acupuncture is really Nice!   At the start of August the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published a clinical guidance stating that a number of commonly used drug treatments for chronic pain don’t actually work and shouldn’t be prescribed. These include over the counter drugs such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, as well …

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Con-spiritual Theories

By Matthew Fellows

Con-spiritual Theories I recently read a piece in The Guardian by the journalist Brigit Delaney entitled, ‘Evil Forces. How Covid-19 paranoia united the wellness industry and right-wing conspiracy theorists.’  In it she puts forward the idea that there is an increasing trend within alternative and complimentary health practitioners to adhere to the same ‘conspiracy’ theories …

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To Touch or Not to touch. That is the Question

By Matthew Fellows

To Touch or Not to Touch? That is the Question   I usually enjoy writing my monthly articles for the Glastonbury Oracle, not only as it gives me a chance to put across some of the complicated theories of Chinese medicine, but also as it gives me a chance to put my mind in order…and …

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Aye Corona

By Matthew Fellows

Aye Corona!   As I write this no one really knows what is going on with the corona virus. So far only two cases have been confirmed in Somerset but things can seemingly change rapidly. By the time this goes to print we could be in full panic lockdown and the only reason you are …

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