Matthew Fellows

Everything Crash

“Everything Crash…Yeah!”   If like me you are slightly obsessed with 1970’s Jamaican reggae, then you will surely recognise this classic ‘Everything Crash’, by The Ethiopians. It’s a chirpy little song considering the gravity of the subject matter of economic collapse, poverty and civil unrest. In fact I think that’s what I like the most …

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The Marvelous Fungus and the Secrets of the Divine Immortals

Hopefully I’ve caught your attention with such a fantastical sounding title, as quite frankly I’m sick of all the shit that is growing out this corona-virus situation. So I’ve decided to write about something else, something that often grows directly out of shit itself….mushrooms. There are over 50,000 known different species of mushroom, including moulds …

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Con-spiritual Theories

Con-spiritual Theories I recently read a piece in The Guardian by the journalist Brigit Delaney entitled, ‘Evil Forces. How Covid-19 paranoia united the wellness industry and right-wing conspiracy theorists.’  In it she puts forward the idea that there is an increasing trend within alternative and complimentary health practitioners to adhere to the same ‘conspiracy’ theories …

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