The Pericardium – The Heart Protector

Those of you who have been following my ramblings about Chinese medicine over the past year, may remember that the Heart is seen as the seat of our Spirit and consciousness. It is known as the Emperor as it governs the entire State that is our body. Well, the next organ we are going to look at in our internal tour of the organ systems is the Pericardium. The pericardium is essentially a layer of muscle and connective tissue that surrounds the heart and this physical location gives us a clue as to its energetic and spiritual functions.

Our Soul, True Spirit, Higher Self, Shen, or whatever you want to call it, is said to reside in the vacuum that is created by the beating of the heart. This is seen as a delicate entity and one that needs protecting from the outside world. This job is performed by the pericardium as it literally envelops the heart in a protective physical and energetic shell. This is why the Pericardium is often known as the Heart Protector.

It can be likened to a two way filter in that it allows some of the outside world into the deepest part of us, but it also allows out, the parts of us that we want to be seen by the outside world. In this way the Pericardium can be said to be involved in ‘the boundaries of the self’. It is also an energetic buffer so that should some kind of emotional trauma happen to us, the Pericardium can soak up some of the blow, deflecting it before it reaches our true Spirit. If the energy of the Pericardium is low then we are more prone to emotional damage.

The Spiritual energy of the Pericardium radiates out of the body to a distance of about twelve inches. This is our first line of defence against emotional ‘attacks’ from others. Glastonbury, being the energetic hub that it is, has its fair share of energy healers, empaths and energetically sensitive types. These people need to have a well-functioning Pericardium so that they can sense other people’s energy, however this can sometimes become problematic in that it can be ‘too’ open. This can result in people becoming overly sensitive as they take on too much of other peoples ‘stuff’.

The pathway of the Pericardium meridian should also be noted as it has far reaching effects. It actually begins deep in the abdomen then rises up through the organ itself, before coming down the inside of the arm to the tip of the middle finger. Most interestingly it crosses the palm at a point known as Lao Gong which is a point used to emit Chi by Qigong masters and probably most other types of energy healers. This emphasises the fact that we need a healthy Pericardium not only for ourselves but for the health of others that we may be treating. (On a side note it is interesting that Jesus, a supposed fine healer, was nailed to the cross through this point on the palm!)

On the more physical level, the Pericardium meridian, due to its location can be used to treat many ailments ranging from nausea and sickness through to chest complaints and the Chi stagnation of elbow, wrist and finger pain.

So going back to the analogy of the Heart as the Emperor, the Pericardium can be seen as the Prime Minister. Being its closest confident it carries out the orders of the monarch and passes messages on to the rest of the body and the outside world. The Prime Minister should also deal with the problems of the state, without passing on too many problems to worry the Supreme Ruler. By the looks of our beleaguered Prime Minister, Mrs May, she could probably do with passing some of her problems on, though I’m not sure how the Queen would feel about that!

Matt Fellows.




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