New World Dis-Order

New World Dis-Order

The winter solstice that just passed marked the peak of Yin energy within the Northern Hemisphere. It is at this point when Yin is at its most full, that Yang energy is born. From here onwards we start heading towards mid-summer, where Yang energy reaches its peak and this eternal cycle can continue. However this year’s winter solstice coincided with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which itself is quite a rare event, only occurring every 700 years or so. I am certainly no expert on Western or Eastern astrology but this date, the 21st December 2020, was seemingly a very important one within both schools of thought.

Some in the West have heralded this day as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and although the exact date is debated, we are clearly moving, via the precession of the equinoxes, to a new zodiac sign and possibly a new era. The Chinese astrologers also believe that this date marked a gigantic shift in energies. They state that for the last 300 years or so, Yin Qi has been the dominant energetic force on the planet. In Chinese meta-physics Yin Qi is characterised as kind a of magnetic energy, whereas Yang Qi is a more of an electrical force in nature. This conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn marked the switch over from the Yin to the Yang form of energies.

Daoist practitioners have been looking forward to this date for some time, as the magnetic nature of Yin Qi is not particularly conducive to energetic transformation or spiritual elevation. The magnetism of Yin Qi is seen to hold us down energetically, literally closer to the Earth and it is said to have been very difficult to become spiritually awakened during this past era. The predominant force of this magnetism, was also said to hold many structures in place, structures that include religions, hierarchies, societies and governments.

As we now move in to this new age of Yang Qi, which has a more dynamic and up-rising quality to it, the energetic shackles have been somewhat lifted and structures that were once held together by Yin Qi will begin to dissolve. These Daoist astrologists have predicted the next three years to be ones of turmoil, as this great transformation takes place. However, being the energetic cultivators that they are, they have been waiting with anticipation to this time. This is because Yang Qi is much more favourable to those seeking spiritual awakening, due to its rapid elevating nature. Those that have a practice such as meditation, yoga or Qigong will find it much easier than before to progress and even the dear old lady in the village hall yoga class may suddenly find herself on the edge of enlightenment!

However those stuck in the old paradigm of dense Yin Qi may find this transformation difficult. On the level of consciousness this time is seen as a move from the Po to the Hun. A full description of this is beyond the scope of this small article (though you can find out more from past issues or on my website), but basically the Po are the aspect of our consciousness that are closest to the Earth and the dense physical realm. They make sense of the world through our senses and when we die they die too and go back in to the Earth. The Hun on the other hand are our ‘heavenly’ souls, acting almost like a higher self. This aspect of our consciousness exists on a higher frequency and communicates to us through dreams, meditations and insights and continues on into the next life when we die.

As we move through this three year flux, those of us that are Po dominant may find it difficult to let go of the old paradigm. This may create a great upheaval as those who are unable to move on will seek to control, dominate and hold back those who are moving with the higher frequencies. This may sound like typical new age nonsense but it can clearly be seen all around. Is it a coincidence that the Po are the Spirits that are associated with the lungs and that the whole planet is seemingly ravished by a respiratory disease? I think not.

The Daoists are quite clear on all of this. Now is the time to let go of the structures that no longer serve us. Religions, gurus, governments and social hierarchies that are no longer needed will break down and become obsolete causing a period of disarray.  However do not get lost in the drama, everything that you need to become awakened is within you now and is more accessible than it is has ever been. Do not waste your energy clinging to things as they once were, go inside, let go, sit back and enjoy this ride in to a New World Dis-Order.

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