Chinese Medicine and Cancer

Chinese Medicine and Cancer

Statistically, either you or I will develop cancer. That’s quite a statement but a study in the British Journal of Cancer states that 1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in our lives. Cancer has clearly reached epidemic proportions and the causes of it are vast and varied. From pollution in the air we breathe, to toxins in our foods and medicines we are continually bombarded by potential carcinogens everywhere we turn. Certainly part of the story is that we are living longer and there is more chance that the cancer can take hold but it would be naïve of us to think that our modern lifestyles, where we are continually exposed to a myriad of artificial chemicals and electro-magnetic pollution, wouldn’t have an ill effect on our health.

Cancer however, is nothing new and it was certainly around in ancient China thousands of years ago. Essentially in Chinese medical theory, cancer starts out as a stagnation of Chi or energy. This stagnation then continues to such an extent it becomes a physical problem and an actual physical mass forms in the body. There is usually an emotional component to cancer as stress causes heat within the meridian system and heat underneath a tumour will cause it to grow. Different emotions will effect different meridians hence the stressors of breast cancer and prostate cancer may be different, but the underlying factor could be emotional and energetic stagnation.

So how was this treated? Well in ancient China there were Qigong masters who were able to project sufficient Chi into a patients’ meridian system that the tumour would literally break down. Acupuncture and herbs were than administered to clear the heat and stagnation from the body so the tumour wouldn’t grow back. Unfortunately ‘WeiQi’ emission as it was known, is one of the hardest and most complicated aspects of Chinese medicine and there are probably very few people alive in the world today who are capable of such things.

So where does that leave us today in this time of seemingly rampant cancer growth? Well Chinese medicine can certainly help with energetic stagnation and acupuncture is great at clearing heat from the body but what we are severely lacking in, is an ability to shrink tumours like the masters of the past. We now have technologies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy which do shrink tumours but these are certainly not without side effects and have no guarantees that the cancer won’t come back. Chinese medicine can certainly be a good complimentary therapy to these radical procedures and has been proven to help with many of the side effects.

Furthermore, technology and research is developing all the time and survival rates for most cancers is improving. One of the most promising areas of research is in using cannabis to treat cancer. High doses of THC, one of the main components of the plant, have been shown to kill cancer cells within a petri dish. There is also growing number people across the world who have seemingly cured themselves with a super high strength cannabis oil. This is a controversial subject and it is still illegal to state that anything other than chemotherapy or radiotherapy can successfully treat cancer. But as I mentioned in a well-received previous article on cannabis, this idea is in keeping with Chinese medical theory. In short cannabis is known to disperse stuck Chi and as we have shown, cancer is a form of stuck Chi that has condensed in to physical problem. It stands to reason therefore that a highly concentrated form of cannabis, particularly high in THC, would have the ability to shrink that tumour.

This is why much more research needs to be done on the subject. However with the plants’ quite frankly ludicrous illegal status, coupled with the reluctance of the pharmaceutical industry, this is not an easy thing to achieve. Luckily however there are many pioneers across the globe, particularly in the Americas where it is becoming legal, who are taking it upon themselves to undertake this research personally and very promising results are being found.

In the meantime let us hope that it is neither you, nor I that develops cancer any time soon!

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