The Gift of Injury by Lys Wild

The gift of injury

by Lys Wild

Endowed as I was with a fair degree of physical flexibility meant that in my younger days of learning in yoga classes I was often ear marked as the ‘perfect posture’ student.

A phrase that now sends me screaming for the hills!

At the time in pursuit of pleasing the teacher and fluffing up my ego I eventually sustained ligament injury.  On top of this I also managed to injure my body off the mat.

So suddenly personal daily practice became essential, and classes and workshops faded as I could no longer keep up with the teacher’s requirements. My body now dictated the path clearly and pushed me to new heights of discovery and the deepest listening I have ever experienced.

I contest that there is nothing more focusing than pain.

And practicing with pain is an overwhelmingly humbling process.

It was here that I reached furthest within.  In those quiet mornings when all I could do was lie and rock or spend the whole session moving into the gentlest of forward bends, cell by cell, breath by breath, I learned more than I have every learned before.  The depth was astonishing and the quality of that profound meeting with myself has never departed.

In giving myself permission to be where I was in my practice, I found myself there. Exactly where I had been all along.

This is the quality that a truly quiet and listening daily practice brings.  To be receptive enough to be as you are beyond learned forms.

And whilst my journey was defined, in part by pain, I suggest that yours does not need to be.

I can hear you mumbling about there not being enough hours in the day for a daily practice.  So for now I suggest you forget your mat, the candle lit room, inspiring music and dawn light.

Instead take a moment to follow your breath as it expands into your precious lungs and let this moment be your practice. This attention to your existence in time and space.  From here, who knows maybe you will feel inspired to explore further.

Classes are valuable resources, but treat them as such and not at the be all and end all.


Lys offers Yoga and Qi Gong courses and private 1-1 sessions in Charlton Mackerel and Glastonbury.  She also offers Shiatsu sessions at the Apple tree therapy centre, Glastonbury.  For more information and bookings  or email

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